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"Right In EP"
Release Date: 18 Jan 2010

Living in a musical home, filled with scads of legit instruments, threw Nathan Jonson into the dark disturbing world of Hrdvsion, an alter ego that would from an early age feed his insatiable interest in abusing sound.

Few people appreciated Nathan’s music when he began performing it to “living” audiences... so, feeling discouraged he quit like a baby.

Over 2 years and a few computers later, he built up his courage again to a level that would permit him to perform live at the birthday rave of his brother, techno legend Mathew Jonson.

He thought that... just maybe the world’s musical tastes had caught up to his wizardry after such a long hiatus. Now, even cockier than before, he assaulted the crowd with noisy Drum and Bass and destroyed a Britney Spears track, to everyone’s horror. The blissful rush that overcame him during this experience, he feels, may have been the cement that has kept him so close to his music since that memorable evening.

Now 10 bajillion years later he has begun fusing Techno with experimental music, creating something now more dance friendly, yet still really strange and kind of disturbing.

Title track Right In is a big techno track with an even bigger reverbed-to-the-max, ringing synth stab. Tight production and insensible sensibilities give away the fact it was made by the big loon Hrdvsion.

The next track peap svm i Hsim i is a mysterious, electronical, reflective track.

Come on Dance Your Ass is a medium paced beast of a track with twisted syncopated beats and beautifully discordant countering synths and a smiley grimace-worthy chewy lead bass sound that, cheekily, arrives unannounced 4 minutes in.

Finally Oh, It's Mastered is a funky-arsed glitch work out held firmly in place with a heavy phunk riddim. Heavy!


Written and Produced by Nathan Jonson.
Published by Musiqware Ltd.
(P)(C)2009 Living Records (Musiqware Ltd).


"Cool one" - Benoît Carretier (Tsugi)

"Heading straight for Right in, nice bit of techno, " - Marco Smith

"Damn, this shit is ill. Keep your heads up, Hrdvsion is on a tear!!!!!" - Adam Boothby (Wagon Repair)

"Another absolutely superb release from the one and only Hrdvsion! I'll be playing all of these, I can't even begin to pick a favorite, all bombs, love this release!!" - Dane MacDonald (Danksoul Recordings)

"Wonderful experimental headphone material again from one of Canada's finest!!" - Eddie C

"Liking the sound of Right In. Nice bleepy stuff." - Dillon Koenig

"Liking Oh It's Mastered and Right in. " - Oli Cassidy (Filth & Splendour)

""Right In" is a nice track! Great Release!" - Lars Wickinger

""Right In"!!!! Now that's some cool shit!" - Alland Byallo (Kontrol)

"Very good release! Dig 'right in' a lot!" - DJ Earthian

"Hrdvsion at his best - creating new sound dimensions. Aphex Twin would be jealous." - Filterwolf

"A very original sounding EP! Right In is my pick." - DJ Dextress

"Brilliant freakiness as usual from Hrdvsion!! Luv it!!" - Darko Esser

"I REALLY LIKE Right In" - Anderson Noise

"'Right In' is the one here for me. Wicked stuff." - Rob Warner (Our House Magazine)

"This EP is dope. I love it. Right In is definitely the stand out track for me. Great track." - Will Kinsella (Ceoltronic - RTE Pulse)

"He always does interesting unconventional beats. I love Oh It's Mastered! Excellent work from the elder one!" - Christopher Çolak (Dinamo 103.8 FM / Acik Radio 94.9FM - Turkey)

"hehehe,yes it´s Mastered! Cool release" - Erwin Kelemen (Plastic Lounge)

"Right in is a big tune! Tweaked out but still funky" - Mateo Murphy

"Cool stuff" - Orde Meikle (Slam)

"right into Right In, definitely stands out." - John Selway

"Weeeeeird stuff - "Oh, It's Mastered" is my favourite here." - DJ Orion (Radio YleX)

"Love it! quality release! Oh, its mastered is a belter!" - Dave Irvine (Prehab Recordings / Slinky FM)

"These promos are getting better and better. The whole release is god sent. All tracks are mysteriously amazing. All are favorites!" - Colin John (PointBlank.FM)

"Not often you can tell from the first bar that the tracks gonna be a monster. All hail Right In. Very solid package, full support from Pulse." - Jimmy Posters (Pulse Radio)

"Right In is sick. Love it!" - Mike Kiraly (DI.FM)

"'Right in' and 'Oh, It's Mastered' are the ones for me. Like the sound..." - Michael Stukes (Mystic Vybes WHCR 90.3 FM)

"Very nice release... always a fan of Hrdvsion!! " - Harry Avers (Noice! / Proton Radio)

"Love the Hrdvsion stuff! Crazy but still working in the sets!" - Kevin Fine Cut Bodies

"Right In is quite a cool track." - Tedd Paterson

"I am feeling Come Dance Your ass and Oh It's Mastered is right up my alley...full support, nice one" - Ben Irving (Nish Nish)

"As always Hrdvision delivers! will be posted at!" - Minimaland

"'Oh it's Mastered' is great, and is the crazily off kilter style and wonkiness that I'd expect from Hrdvision. Good work.." - Rik Symmetrik ( / EQ Magazine)

"Brilliant stuff here! Will support Come On Dance Your Ass." - Paul Hazendonk

"Massive EP, Oh it's mastered is the stand out but all of the tracks are full of meaty goodness. Big Support" - Ben Irving (Nish Nish)

""Right In" is a stunning techno track for the dancefloor. "Oh It's Mastered" is pure funky breaks goodness." - DJ Tronic (DanceFloor Mayhem / KBOO)

"Oh, It's Mastered is the one for me" - Jay Riordan (Dublin Xpress Records)

"I really like this release. Great production and creative idea's and a nice variation of styles. Will play and support for sure" - The Rejekts

"Solid tunes - RIGHT IN is killer!" - Riyaz Khan (Diversions - CHRY 105.5FM - Toronto)

""Come on dance your ass" sounds cool" - Mr Henry Von (Excentric Muzik / Rekluse)

"A bit weird but great! I like it a lot! Full support!" - DJ Felipe

"Top stuff. Likin both "Right In" and "Oh, It's mastered" a lot" - Jakeone