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"Forcefield EP"
Vadim Lankov
Release Date: 28 Sep 2009

Vadim Lankov, the electronic music producer from Moscow, Russia, has been solidly knocking out tracks since 2006. His debut on Living Records brings us an exciting mix of skippy beats, cut up sound design and wigged out riddims.

The title track, Forcefield, is a perfect example of Vadim's unique style of solid production, mad sounds and a wigged out groove that somehow keeps the booty shaking. Expectation is a bit more four to the floor but the energetic bassline and off kilter percussion keeps the interest high and the dancefloor moving. When it drops into the second half you can expect Expectation to send the dancers dotty! BIG track this one. Pitchbitch is my personal favourite with its phat beat, one note drone for a bassline, scatty FX and irreverent, highly tweaked vocals, it presses all the right buttons. White There is a bit of a classic sounding tracky track. Well, until the huge break down with demented horns lands, then all kinds of spooky hell breaks loose.

dub KULT


Written and Produced by Vadim Lankov.
Published by Musiqware Publishing.
(P)(C) 2009 Living Records.


"Pitchbitch is the one for me. Dope bassline." - Shir Khan

"Wicked release, really loving the creativity here" - Filth & Splendour

"Quality four tracks" - Psycatron

"Forcefield is my pick, although Pitchbitch is cool as well" - Mateo Murphy

"Pitch Bitch is the Bomb" - Harry Avers

"I love Forcefield and White There." - Alland Byallo

"Expectation is a wicked, incredibly groovy track. Supporting!" - DJ Orion

"LOL @ pitchbitch. This is hilarious." - Chloe Harris

"Big dancefloor tracks" - Jim Masters (Digital Disco)

"White There is nice and weird. Like it" - Lewis Ryder

"Cheers for the pack... some nice techno tunes here!" - Fine Cut Bodies

"Forcefield is a weapon" - Generik (Onelove)

"Expectation is my fav track, nice tech feel to it that will work really well in any set!" - Mike McKenna (Discoscience)

"4 different takes and all big dancefloor tracks, nod towards Pitchbitch for me!" - Christian Homan (RTÉ Pulse Radio)

"Wicked e.p!" - Danny Graham (Tokio Recordings)

"Aüf Aüf Umlaut says: 'This is perfect for our sets!'" - Nerdy Frames Blog