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"Alicia @ The Wonderland"
Lars Wickinger
Release Date: 08 Jun 2009

The mysterious yet prolific Berliner Lars Wickinger returns to Living with this fantastic new EP. Three solid yet mesmerising and catchy dancefloor tracks. Since his last visit to the label Lars has been refining his sound even further. Releasing on more trendy labels than you can shake a stick at and even investing in real life hardware! Oh yes hardware! Remember that?

The awkwardly titled Alicia @ The Wonderland is a tight, rolling, pleasing tease of a song that finally delivers in superb style - one you have to play all the way to the end! When that vocal drops, oh my, dancefloor craziness for sure. Greenland is a tight bouncy number with an infectious groove and well placed vocal snatches and more than forgivable sax samples. The Swing Side of the Moon somewhat lives up to its name with it's swinging dark vibe - perfect B2 material. Classy stuff all the way through.


Written and produced by Lars Wickinger
Published by Musiqware Ltd
(P)(C) 2009 Living Records (Musiqware Ltd)
Distributed by Musiqware Ltd


"Absolutely love this!" - Mistress De Funk

"Crazy and Im liking em. Swing Side Of the Moon my pick" - Greg Churchill

"Greenland is good" - DJ Chloe

"I love it! There's some incredible sounds in here! Will play." - Alland Byallo

"Amazing release - Full Support" - Joy Kitikonti

"cool -der sommer kann kommen!!" - C-Banx

"Nice release ! Like the Alicia@the wonderland + swing side of the moon." - Fabrice Lig

"Awesome ep. Alicia track is my pick of the bunch. full support." - Paul Hamill (BBC N.I.)

"I dig all 3 tracks but the best for me is the title track..well done. huge grooving monsters. full support." - Andre Kronert (Neurotron)

"Beautiful music, infact i really do like all 3 tracks, early thoughts the swing side of the moon is possibly my fav. radio support from myself on the whole package." - Paul Hughes (PH Dance Factor)

"Real good weird funk from Lars Wickinger!" - Christopher Çolak (Dinamo FM - Istanbul)

"Exactly the kind of dance i'd like to play on my radioshow beatz and bleepz. Massive tunes !" - Ton van Hoof (Moerdijk FM - Netherlands)