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"Mountain Mermaid"
Release Date: 19 Jan 2009

The Russian born duo that make up Animaltek, Oleg Slepak & Shay Raban, currently live in New York and have had a series of spectacular releases on Treibstoff and Wir. Now we proudly announce their début on Living Records.

In their words, they "strongly feel the need to weave the daily stream of emotions and sensations into the art of self-reflection". This depth of approach shows up in their music - but don't let that fool you into assuming that their tracks have no nuts. The music is strongly rooted in the dancefloor and they have clearly spent a serious amount of mind-bending hours listening and experimenting with loops in the studio. The result is music that perfectly fits the philosophy of Living Records – music for the mind and body. Oneness.

This EP takes you on journey through quality dancefloor electronics. From the attitude filled, 80s tinged staccato musings of title track, Mountain Mermaid, through to the low slung, cheeky darkness of Inerin to a deeper, darker and somewhat epic experience that is the sublime Ideological. Not forgetting, of course, the digital bonus, available for free from, Gypsy Flies. This is a beautifully crafted track with some fantastic sounds – including an extremely juicey, chewy bass sound, timely drops and an insistent groove.


Written and Produced by Oleg Slepak and Shay Raban
Published by Copyright Control
Distributed by Discomania
(P)(C) 2008 Living Records