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"Ronin EP"
Release Date: 09 Oct 2006

Opening for the label are the pizza guzzling Portuguese Photonz, made up of Marco Rodrigues (Markur) and Miguel Evaristo (Rhodes).

Their unique sound could only have been put together by the kind of guys whose creative focus is so fused that they work out of one record box between them. Their music is rich, brooding, dark and phat.

Not satisfied by what they find around their home in the suburbs of Lisbon, they struck out to make something new, exciting and not quite tameable.

Their mix of cinematic inspired acidic funk and hypnotic melodies will absolutely and sublimely take off your head on the dance floor.


Written and Produced by Marco Rodrigues and Miguel Evaristo
Published Copyright Control
(P)(C) 2006 Living Records
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